Steven Speer
3572 E Wallings Rd
Broadview Hts, OH 44147

To obtain a challenging, motivating and rewarding position within a smaller progressive, growth- and goal-oriented organization.

WORK HISTORY 2001-2009

SPEEREC, LTD. 1/2001 - present
Owner - Web Application Developer (ASP, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET/C#)
  • Create dynamic database-driven web pages through the use of HTML coding and database integration with Cold Fusion, Active Server Pages and ASP.NET/C#.
  • Built an ASP.NET/C# coder that I can point at a database and generate code within minutes. The coder will look at multiple sub-tables and generate maintenance modules that integrate with my user/security structure. The modules allow for adding, modifying, listing and deleting records along with paging, sorting and searching of recordsets.
  • Create commerce sites that use SSL security, custom components, CyberCash / Verisign, PayPal, WorldPay, and AuthorizeNet as the credit card processors.
  • Ensure secure administration areas with security by user.
  • SPEEREC maintains its own servers - responsible for the setup of Windows, configuring IIS, administering SQL Sever databases, communications, domain name registration, web server software, Cold Fusion administration, setting up site statistics, logging, virus protection, backups, search engine registration and submissions.
  • Lead on mobile development project.
  • My Web Site Portfolio
The Wellington Group - Independence OH 7/2007 - present
Contract - C#, EDI, Web Interface specialist
  • Data was brought in from multiple systems in many different formats including EDI and XML and a secure web service.
  • After rewriting their medical claims editing VB6 DLL in C# the data interface was changes to accommodate the new XML and EDI data formats.
  • An ASP.Net/C# web interface using AJAX, Stored Procedures, and a database component was built to allow for easy viewing of all claim edits online.
  • Developed multiple online claim editors for in/outpatient claims, RAC claims and Physician claims.

Alltel / Windstream - Hudson OH 4/2006 - 4/2007
Contract - Cold Fusion Web Application Developer
  • Project involved the splitting of web servers and database information between Alltel and their new company Windstream. Windstream brought in multiple production, development and test servers along with dozens of Cold Fusion web sites and Oracle Databases.
  • Ongoing support, maintenance, and upgrades for the transferred sites was provided after the split between the two companies. Documentation standards were created, along with processes for versioning control in ClearCase.
  • Training was provided to the Windstream employees who came from different backgrounds. - Cleveland OH 7/2002 - 4/2005
Contract - ASP Web Application Developer
  • This multi-year project produced consistent 180% growth in online sales and company size.
  • The web site was built from the ground up and included all the functionality to run, maintain and build future business. Some of the functionality included: multiple credit card processors, multiple shipping calculations and companies, custom products and sets, inventory maintenance for ordering, vendors, accounts receivable, business and sales reporting, merchant program with tiered pricing, affiliate program and automated EBay auction postings.
  • A custom in-house barcode system was developed to track orders from the point they entered the warehouse to when they were processed by the shipping computers and loaded.
NASA - Glenn Research Center in Cleveland OH 3/2000 - 12/2000
Contract - Cold Fusion Web Application Developer

  • Development of an Intranet employee survey system which allows employees at Glenn, and a number of other centers to utilize which included 6000 employees, supported department level graphical report viewing, and allowed multiple custom questions by center. Centers, departments, and users are centrally administered, and easily uploaded and maintained in the system.
  • Development of the framework for a problem-tracking and reporting system used by all on-site facilities, including specific problem identification and resolution information, and a fully functional reporting system that used a set of Java classes to attach to the database and create specific reports upon demand.
First Communications in Akron OH 9/1999 - 3/2000
Contract - ASP Web Application Developer
  • Project involved integrating a standard web interface into a number of older applications. Integrating one standard customer-service web interface decreased call response and training time for the customer service department. I also created a web interface that talks to their phone switch through a back-end server Telnet session. Phone numbers can now be added, deleted or modified from any browser.
University Hospitals of Cleveland 9/1998 - 9/1999
Contract - ASP Intranet Administrator
  • Responsibilities included development and maintenance of over 20 Intranet Sites, creation of an Intranet file-transfer system, and implementing an Intranet administration site. This site included all documentation and online project status reports, integration of an online database to track Y2K compliance issues, and the creation of the Physicians On-Call database and web site. This enabled access to the up-to-date schedules of over 30 departments, many with multiple divisions. Front Page and Active Server Pages were used to create all sites and databases included SQL Server, MS Access, DBII, and FoxPro.
Forest City Auto Parts 6/1998 - 9/1998
Contract - EDI System Developer
  • Duties included installing and bringing online a new EDI Invoicing system for Forest City, utilizing software including Director and Integrator, by Sterling Commerce. Responsibilities also included processing and exporting documents to files for uploading into a financial system on a daily basis.
Sealy Mattress Inc. 1/1997 - 6/1998
EDI and Business Basic Consultant
  • Responsible for the EDI application programming in the current Manbase environment, including supporting all EDI transactions and bringing up new partners and trading documents. I also worked with a number of Sterling Commerce EDI Software packages and operated on a network of over 30 HP9000's running Unix and multiple PC-based EDI applications.
WORK HISTORY 1993-1997

Western Management Inc. 6/1993 - 1/1997
Systems Support Manager
  • Duties included all new project development, software modifications, and creation of new software applications. Applications were created in Thoroughbred Basic (Business Basic), on multiple minis running SCO Unix. Was responsible for software programming and implementation within newly formed companies, and divisions within the corporation, and the development of an assessment-test database with the use of an Optical Mark Reader. This included equipment research, custom forms creation, programming scanner software to read forms, and creating the application software to re-format scanner text files into database files for quick and easy reporting.
  • Prior to above duties, I performed PC and technical support for over 250 terminals, 20 PC's, 21 laptops, 100+ printers, and multiple six-disk CD changers. This position included administering all new location implementations, including wiring, terminals, printers, and communications equipment.
  • ASP.NET, C#, Active Server & Cold Fusion
  • N-Tier, Web Services, Stored Procedures
  • NT/2000-3, IIS, SSL, DNS, ClearCase
  • HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Mobile
  • VBScript, ADO, CDO, EDI, XML, RSS
  • SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Access
  • CyberCash/Verisign, AuthorizeNet, PayPal, Billpay, World Pay
  • Overture & Google Advertising
  • Barcoding, Handheld Scanner, Label Printing
  • Mount Union College - 1992 Graduate
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems / Minor in Economics
  • Maintained 3.8 GPA in Major / 4.0 in Minor
  • Advertising Manager of School Newspaper - The Dynamo

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